måndag 8 september 2014

Family Circle - "Family Circle" (Very Rare Soul/Funk US 1973)

290:- (24-Bit Limited Remaster Edition. Mycket bra soul som gavs ut i en liten upplaga 1973. Albumet säljs nu för mellan 3-4,000:-/styck. Även denna Mini LP utgåva är släppt i en liten upplaga från  P-Vine Records, Japan.)

Sublime soul from 1973 Newark, New Jersey. Housed in tip on-style jacket with obi-strip. The original album (Sky Disc SKD 301, 1973) goes for 4-600 USD each on eBay nowdays. 

Family Circle’s 1973 LP draws a tight ring around the most beguiling soul tropes of its era, with its full house of ambitious players and hook-laden originals. 

Albumets baksida
Newark, New Jersey’s Simmons siblings—George, James, Mary, Don, and David—rallied around journeyman arranger George Andrews and business maven/producer Randy Irwin, whose industry ties brought studio luminaries into the Simmons orbit: session guitar giant Cornell Dupree, guitarist / songwriter Billy Vera, and the inimitable Bernard “Pretty” Purdie on drums.

Charles Simmons’ “Well Runs Dry” dipped several toes into Jackson 5-saturated waters, while “I Hope You Really Love Me” stayed together with the Al Green ethos. 

Where the bowling, basketball, and karate-obsessed Simmons fivesome was hitching to—thumbs unfurled and dressed to impress in Central Park on Family Circle’s back cover—is anyone’s guess, but their sparkling, layered sound, gospel-honed vocal chops, and instantly relatable melodies should’ve dropped them off on everybody’s turntable. 

Give Family Circle a lift, drive ‘em around awhile.

01. I Hope You Really Love Me
02. It Doesn't Make Sense
03. Try It You'll Like It
04. La La So Lucky
05. Mariya
06. Loving Makes The World
07. If You Really Want To Make It
08. Well Runs Dry
09. Change
10. Bridge With One Side