söndag 17 augusti 2014

Tony Kelly - Bring Me Back (Engelsk Rock/Psych/Folk åt Frank Zappa hållet, UK 1972)

220:- (24-Bit Limited Remaster Edition. Engelsk Rock/Psych/Folk åt Frank Zappa hållet. Raritet släppt av "Big Pink" Korea. Lika fint gjord som japanska Mini LP. Liten upplaga.)

A very obscure album, so obscure and rare that it isn't even listed in the Record Collector price guide. Probably because copies of this hardly ever turn up.  It's one of those major label albums that sank without a trace and has since gained underground cult status. Musically, it's a fine piece of work, - country, folky influences with a touch of psych. and soft rock.

One of those fortgotten major label releases. Probably forgotten because copies of this hardly ever turn up. It's so rare that it isn't even mentioned in well-known price catalogues. I only once saw another copy that went on a Japanese auction site. Impressive Soft Rock, ballad-like with Country & Folk influences and with a touch of Psych now and then. The album grows everytime you play it. Don't miss out on this super rarity!

♦ Tony Kelly - 6 & 12 String Guitar  
♦ Paul Millins - Keyboards  
♦ Jack Mills - electric guitar  
♦ Keith Evans - bass  
♦ Cody - congas , percussion & Harmonica  
♦ Terry Stannard - drums & percussion 

01. Not knowin whats going on
02. Makin the same Mistake
03. The Way it is
04. Blue Bird
05. Bring me back
06. The Elements
07. Blues run the Game (J.C.Frank)
08. One Love
09. Further down the Road