lördag 22 april 2017

Bo Diddley - Selftitled (Great Album US 1962)

270:- (24-Bit Limited Remaster Edition. Albumet innehåller "You Can’t Judge a Book By the Cover". Ännu ett blues album som är ett måste i skivsamlingen.)

Bo Diddley is a studio album by American rock and roll pioneer Bo Diddley, not to be confused with the 1958 compilation album of the same name. The 1962 album was released as Checker LP-2984 in August 1962 and featured the Willie Dixon-penned classic "You Can't Judge a Book by the Cover", which was released as a 7" 45 rpm single in July 1962.

In Britain, Bo Diddley was released as an LP by Pye International Records. The UK release charted at #11 on the UK Albums Chart. The success of the album followed the UK package tour that Bo had begun at the beginning of the year with the Everly Brothers, Little Richard, and the Rolling Stones.

Due to the album's success in the UK, many British bands recorded songs from the record.

Bo’s music was beginning to slip in sales — though he remained a popular concert act — when Chess released this album in the summer of 1962. "I Can Tell," written by Samuel Smith, showed Bo trying out a slower, more seductively soulful sound, a whole four-and-a-half-minutes long—it is different, though not very distinguished. 

"Bo’s Twist" isn’t much more impressive, a fairly standard instrumental with an unusually grungy (like you were expecting Julian Bream) guitar sound, with the first prominent appearance of an organ in the backing of a Bo Diddley record; "Sad Sack" is a somewhat more successful instrumental. 

"Mr. Kruschev" is one of the funniest, most delightfully nonsensical pieces of topical songwriting Bo ever engaged in, writing about wanting to go into the army and go over to see the Soviet leader and get him to stop nuclear testing, to a background of "Hut, two—three four!" "You All Green" is first-rate Bo, and deserved to be anthologized somewhere. 

"You Can’t Judge a Book By the Cover" was the one standard from the album, but other tracks deserving of better exposure include "Bo’s Bounce" and "Who May Your Lover Be," which takes off from Howlin’ Wolf’s "Moaning at Midnight," recasting it in a Bo Diddley beat, with Bo sounding a lot like Wolf here, and "Give Me a Break (Man)," which is a very animated impromptu guitar jam. 

The album filler tracks include "Mama Don’t Allow No Twistin’," Bo’s take on "Mama Don’t Like Music," a song that was old when country-and-western/novelty singer Smiley Burnette covered it successfully in the 1930s, "Babes in the Woods" (featuring a backing chorus mimicking the doo-wop parody "Get a Job") and "Diddling," a routine Bo instrumental.

The second eponymous Bo Diddley album in four years, this particular issue marked his breakthrough in the UK, hitting #11 in Britain as opposed to its rather lower chart place of #117 in the US. 

This success was down to the fact that Bo was touring the UK at the time of its release, part of a package tour that included The Everly Brothers, Little Richard and The Rolling Stones. As the album began its residency on the UK chart, several British bands mined the album for material, proof that Bo had lost none of his influence on the British R&B market. Even now, fifty years after its original release, Bo Diddley the album showcases perfectly what Bo Diddley the artist was all about.

01. "I Can Tell" (Samuel Smith, McDaniel) – 04:27
02. "Mr. Khrushchev" – 02:56
03. "Diddling" – 02:12
04. "Give Me a Break" – 02:07
05. "Who May Your Lover Be" – 02:54
06. "Bo's Bounce" – 01:35
07. "You Can't Judge a Book by the Cover" (Willie Dixon) – 02:43
08. "Babes in the Woods" – 2:10
09. "Sad Sack" – 02:38
10. "Mama Don't Allow No Twistin'" – 02:10
11. "You All Green" – 03:03
12. "Bo's Twist" – 02:32

Bonus Track:
13. "We're Gonna Get Married" - 02:27