tisdag 4 mars 2014

Bandolero - Life is Love, Love is All ! (Puerto Rican Heavy Fuzz Psychedelia 1970)

230:- (24-Bit Limited Remaster Edition. Legal Utgåva från Korea. (Big Pink Records) Outstanding Heavy Fuzz rock från Puerto Rico med 
sång på engelska. Utgiven på Big Pink Records, Korea. Ett måste 
för dig som gillar Heavy Psychedelic Fuzz.)

"An ultra rare Puerto Rican heavy psychedelic band's only album in 1970. From beginning to end, the album is full of battle between outrageous fuzz guitar and swirling organ. An astonishing Latin psychedelic beast!"

A Puerto Rico outfit whose album, an amalgam of psychedelia, garage, blues and rock, is well worth investigation. Most of its better moments come on Side One. All vocals are in English except for one cut, Tenura. The album's opener I Got It is quite fast-paced with prominent guitar and keyboards. Love Me Tonight, one of the strongest, is notable for good vocals and pleasing melodic guitar work. Don't Hang Me features lots of heavyish guitar work, but is a little disjointed in places. 

I Can Always Think Of You, another of the best cuts, features more good guitar work and some quite dramatic piano parts. The side closes with Salsa Friquea. This commences with a climatic keyboard intro, which gives way to bouncy Latin American style rhythms as the song progresses through different stages. 

Side Two opens with Together, which blends lots of guitar / organ interplay. My Life Is Always Going Through Changes applies a similar format, but is a little disjointed in places. I Want To Get There is more of the same, but weaker. Awake features bouncy Latin rhythms and is similar to Salsa Friquea, but becomes tedious in places. The finale Truth And Understanding is another of the album's finer moments. It blends good vocals and melody and there's a pleasing guitar interlude followed by a rhythmic Latin section. The cut ends with a drum solo. Overall, a recommended album.

01. I Got It - 3.33
02. Temura - 3.30 
03. Love Me Tonight - 3.38
04. Don't Hang Me - 3.51
05. I Can Always Think Of You - 3.50
06. Salsa Friquea - 5.07
07. Together - 2.47
08. My Life Is Always Going Through - 6.11
09. I Want To Get There - 3.42
10. Awake - 3.43
11. Truth and Understanding - 7.49