tisdag 27 november 2012

The Young Rascals - Groovin' (US 1967)

240:- (24-Bit Limited Remaster Edition. Innehåller en poster.)

Groovin' is the third album by rock band The Young Rascals. The album was released on July 31, 1967 and rose to #5 on the Billboard Top LPs chart and number 7 on the R&B chart. Eight of the songs were released on singles with the title track reaching number 1 on the Pop chart in the U.S.

This was the last album on which the band was billed as "The Young Rascals"; their next album, Once Upon a Dream, would be credited to simply "The Rascals". The album began the Rascals' first forays into the psychedelic genre that they would explore further on Once Upon a Dream.

Eight of Groovin's eleven songs were issued by Atlantic Records as single A- or B-sides. The three songs specific to the album are "Find Somebody", "I Don't Love You Anymore", and the Rascals' cover of "A Place in the Sun". "If You Knew", upon its initial release as the "B" side of the single "(I've Been) Lonely Too Long", was jointly credited to all the Rascals' members; the writing credit was changed upon the album's release. 

Atlantic Records was at first reluctant to release the title song as a single, but its popularity was such that Italian and Spanish versions were released on different sides of a subsequent single.

Flutist Hubert Laws is featured in a sessions role on the album's final track, "It's Love".

Booker T. & the MG's took a cover of "Groovin'" to the charts later in 1967 and the song "You Better Run" was later covered by Pat Benatar and was a hit for her in 1980.

The front cover design was conceived (but not illustrated) by the Young Rascals' drummer Dino Danelli. Affixed to the front cover was one of two stickers indicating: "THIS LP HAS THE BIG HIT", followed by either "How Can I Be Sure" (as shown in the cover photo on the right) or "A Girl Like You" as both tracks climbed into the Top 10.

01."A Girl Like You" – 2:51 - Lead Vocals: Felix
02."Find Somebody" – 3:48 - Lead Vocals: Eddie
03."I'm So Happy Now" (Gene Cornish) – 2:50 - Lead Vocals: Gene
04."Sueño" – 2:48 (Ron Sasiak)- Lead Vocals: Felix
05."How Can I Be Sure" – 2:56 - Lead Vocals: Eddie
06."Groovin'" – 2:33 - Lead Vocals: Felix
07."If You Knew" – 3:04 - Lead Vocals: Eddie & Felix
08."I Don't Love You Anymore" (Cornish) – 3:09 - Lead Vocals: Gene
09."You Better Run" – 2:28 - Lead Vocals: Felix
10."A Place in the Sun" (Ronald Miller, Brian Wells) – 4:52 - Lead Vocals: Eddie
11."It's Love" – 3:15 - Lead Vocals - Felix