måndag 11 juli 2011

Pink Fairies - Chinese Cowboys (Live UK 1987)

290:- (24-Bit Limited Remaster Edition. Utgången utgåva och svår att hitta. Original tygomslag.)

A limited edition release of 1,000 copies, Chinese Cowboys is an archive, unreleased live CD title that was recorded at two 1987 gigs the band had played in support of their ' 87 comeback album, Kill 'Em and Eat 'Em. These two shows took place at Leeds and at the Long Marston Speedway. Good sound quality. On a ten scale I give it a 9 / 9+. Not perfect but awfully darn nice to listen to as well as fully take in. Glad to see the Fairies decided to play material from their first three albums, like '71's Neverneverland. There's drummer Twink stepping out for a rousing performance of "Do It". Then off ' 72's What A Bunch Of Sweeties there are the band's two drummers, Twink and Russell Hunter totally cutting loose on the ten minute "Walk Don't Run". Also, you get from ' 73's Kings Of Oblivion the stunning instrumental "Raceway", "Street Urchin" and "City Kids".

One lesser known track here that I was surprised to hear was off the Previously Unreleased EP, the rocking "Waiting For The Lightning To Strike". From the afore mentioned Kill 'Em and Eat 'Em album (never thought I'd hear live versions of these tunes) the guys serve up "Takin' LSD", "White Girls On Amphetamine", "Seeing Double" and the jamming "Waiting For The Ice Cream To Melt". Whew! What a trip. My only regret is I wasn't there. Simply a fun CD to listen to. This will stay in my 'current listening stack for quite some time. I also dug "The Snake", with its wicked lyrics, but I wasn't able to find out where this tune originally came from. Not completely sure but I think it might've been a 45 single when it first came out. If you're a Pink Fairies fan you need to get yourself a copy of this CD. Try Bomp Records. I saw in their weekly listings they have it for $13. Revived old school British psychedelia with a punk edge to it. Line-up: Larry Wallis - guitar&vocals, Twink - drums&vocals, Andy Colquhoun - guitar&vocals, Duncan Sanderson - bass&vocals and Russel Hunter - drums. An absolute must-have.

01. Raceway - Instrumental
02. Street Urchin
03. Waiting For The Lightnin' To Strike
04. When's The Fun Begin
05. The Snake
06. Do It
07. Takin' L.S.D.
08. White Girls On Amphetamine
09. Seeing Double
10. As Long As The Price Is Right
11. Waiting For The Ice Cream To Melt
12. Police Car
13. City Kids
14. Walk Don't Run - Instrumental