lördag 1 juli 2017

T. Rex - T. Rextasy + 5 Bonustrack Japan Only (SHM-CD UK 1971-72)

350:- (SHM-CD Limited Remaster Edition. 2CD med utvikbart laminerat konvolut. 5 Bonuslåtar som endast finns i denna utgåva. Endast 1 exemplar i lager.)

On 16th June 1972 Marc Bolan & T.Rex played Manchester Bellevue as part of a short Summer tour which took in Cardiff , Birmingham, Newcastle. Metal Guru was No.1 In the singles chart (the second single of the year and the second No.1) and the classic album The Slider was scheduled for release the following month. 

They had recently sold out 2 shows at Wembley Empire Pool and Marc Bolan was working with ex-Beatle Ringo Starr on his own Movie Project Born to Boogie. Here was a band at the very top of their game …. 45 years on from that very concert in Manchester we are releasing a double Live album from some of the best performances from that and the previous year captured on Marc’s very own reels of tape.

Disc 1 
01. Bob Harris introduction  00:29
02. Cadilac (Clifton Park, Rotherham 28th August 1971)06:02
03. Elemental Child (Wolverhampton 19th May 1971)13:14
04. Beltane Walk (Stoke -On -Trent (Trenton Gardens) 26th August 1971)04:20
05. Spaceball Ricochet (Royal Ballrooms Bournemouth 12th August 1971)03:03
06. Girl (Royal Ballrooms Bournemouth 12th August 1971)04:25
07. Rip Off / Debora(Stoke On Trent (Trenton Gardens) 26th August 1971) 08:39
08. Cosmic Dancer (Royal Ballrooms Bournemouth 12th August 1971)04:20

(Bonus Tracks For Japan Only)
09. Jeepster (Capitol Theatre, Cardiff, 10th June 1972) 05:40
10. Cadilac (Capitol Theatre, Cardiff, 10th June 1972) 04:28

Disc 2
01. One Inch Rock (Wolverhampton 19th May 1971)03:59
02. Instrumental Jam (Wolverhampton 19th May 1971)05:43
03. Ride A White Swan (Lewisham Odeon 9th July 1971)05:03
04. Thunderwing (Boston Gliderdrome 15 January 1972)06:43
05. Baby Strange (Cardiff Capitol Theatre 10th June 1972)02:13
06. jewel (Clifton Park, Rotherham 28th August 1971)08:40
07. Jeepster (Boston Gliderdrome 15 January 1972)04:56
08. Hot Love (Clifton Park, Rotherham 28th August 1971)03:30
09. Get It On (Lewisham Odeon 9th July 1971)04:42
10. Summertime Blues (Lewisham Odeon 9th July 1971)03:17

(Bonus Tracks For Japan Only)
11. Debora (Capitol Theatre, Cardiff, 10th June 1972)04:19
12. Spaceball Ricochet (Capitol Theatre, Cardiff, 10th June 1972)03:30
13. Telegram Sam (Capitol Theatre, Cardiff, 10th June 1972)04:36