måndag 22 maj 2017

Shakey Vick - Little Woman You’re So Sweet (UK Blues 1969)

270:- (24-Bit Limited Remaster Edition. Utgiven av "Pig Pink Recors" och har inte funnits som Mini LP föränn nu. Gavs ut av Pye Records 1969. Bra engelsk blues.)

A live recording made at a club in Birmingham, a vinyl album. Featuring the guitar of Bruce Langsman, bass of Nigel Tickler and the drums of Ned Balen, this was Shakeys first album and is now a collectors item.

Shakey Vick got into blues in the late fifties and early sixties in various duos and blues bands around London.In 1963 he formed his first band, teaming up with Chris Youlden. They won a heat of an R&B contestand did a gig at the Marquee, which was recorded by Giorgio Gomulsky of Yardbirds connection. Shakey and Chris did a few duo gigs and also worked occasionally with Dave Peverett in Dave’s band Lonesome Jax.

In 1967 The first Shakey Vick Big City Blues Band was formed and started to gig around London and the home-counties circuit, including the Marquee, 100 Club, Klooks Kleek, etc. During those early yearshe worked with many American artists, including the late Champion Jack Dupree, Arthur Big Boy Crudup,and Johnny Shines.

At about this time Shakey was asked to join Savoy Brown when their harp player left. Shakey had toturn the offer down because Harry Simmonds, the manager could only offer half of what Shakey neededto live on. While the others in the band were all single at that time, Shakey had a wife and childrento support. He did a few gigs until Savoy Brown had a day off and were able to rehearse their setwithout harp and then carried on with his own Big City Blues Band. Later both Chris Youlden and Dave Peverett joined Savoy Brown and started their States careers.

The Shakey Vick band gigged regularly for a few years before Mel Wright, Ron Skinner and Rod Price split to form Dynaflow Blues. Rod Later teamed up with Dave Peverett in Foghat, the British bandwhich became very successful in the USA.

The Shakey Vick band continued with Bruce Langsman on guitar and the first album Little Woman You’re So Sweet, was recorded for Pye in 1969 (later released in the U.S.A. on the Janus label a Chess Records-associated company).

01. Good Morning Little School Girl - 05:51 
02. Blues With A Feeling - 07:35 
03. Backbiter - 05:39 
04. Come On In My Kitchen - 03:27 
05. Crossroads Blues - 05:14 
06. Terraplane Blues - 03:43 
07. Little Woman You're So Sweet - 05:53 
08. I'm Going Upstairs - 05:53 
09. Death Valley Blues - 06:22 
10. Movin 'To Chicago - 05:45