måndag 3 april 2017

Linda Hoyle - Pieces of Me (Very Rare Solo Album UK 1971 ex. "Affinity" Group)

260:- (24-Bit Limited Remaster Edition. Progressive Rock/Blues-Rock & Jazz Rock. Eftertraktat album. Utgången Mini LP utgåva sedan länge. Nedsatt pris från 330:-)

The cream of jazz-rockers Nucleus back the Affinity singer to mixed results. Simone's Backlash blues sounds fine, but the lyrics are beyond Hoyle's experience. The Nyro cover is better. Spedding is in top-form, just hear the devastating fuzz on the title track. 

Almost all guitar parts are beyond suspicion here. The double-tracked vocals on two tracks are not a good idea: they remove the intimate quality of Hoyle's voice. And why must For my darling sound like Barbara Streisand? It's an old problem on this album: excellent musicians can hardly make interesting music if they are no songsmiths, but yet rely largely on self-penned material. Results are inevitably flawed.

Hoyle sits very relaxed/unrelaxed on the cover. She cannot possibly have this hair colour, now can she? The lettering is straight from the posh restaurant menu. Chateau Margaux, anyone? A host of small pictures and the lyrics adorn the inside. Business as usual.

Linda Nicholas (born Linda Hoile, 13 April 1946), known by her stage name Linda Hoyle, is a singer, songwriter and art therapist. She is best known for her work with the band  Affinity (1968–1971), as well as for her collaboration with Karl Jenkins on her album Pieces of Me, produced in 1971.

 The album Affinity was released in 1970. Affinity's contract with Vertigo, a branch of Philips Records, included an advance payment, which allowed them to buy new equipment and a more comfortable six-wheel vehicle, and to employ a roadie. The band were busy with TV appearances, and touring in the UK and Europe; even so they were finding it hard to live on their earnings. In her interview with Jackie magazine in December 1970, Hoyle talked about the upsides and downsides of life on the road.

In 1971 Ronnie Scott suggested that Hoyle work with Karl Jenkins on a solo album. They wrote many of the songs together and Jenkins invited  Chris Spedding, John Marshall, and Jeff Clyne, all from  Nucleus, among others to play on the album. Only 300 copies of the album, Pieces of Me, were pressedIt is one of Vertigo's rarest albums.

 Linda Hoyle - Vocals
 Chris Spedding - Guitars
♣ Karl Jenkins - Piano/Oboe
 Jeff Clyne - Bass
 John Marshall - Drums/Percussion
 Colin Purbrook - Piano 

01. "Backlash Blues"  05:55
02. "Paper Tulips"  03:34
03. "Black Crow"  03:17
04. "For My Darling"  03:58
05. "Pieces of Me"  04:08
06. "Lonely Women"  04:06
07. "Hymn to Valerie solanas"  04:03
08. "The Ballad of Morty Hole"  04:33
09. "Journey's End"  03:15
10. "Morning for One"  04:23
11. "Barrel House Music"  02:43