lördag 11 mars 2017

Mountain - Climbing (Outstanding 1st Album US 1970)

280:- (24-Bit Limited Remaster Edition. Släpptes 2008 och är det mest efterfrågade albumet. Deras bästa album.)

Climbing! is the formal debut album by American hard rock band Mountain, although Leslie West had released Mountain a year earlier with a similar personnel. It was certified gold after only five months, and contains several of the group's most memorable songs, including "Never in My Life""For Yasgur's Farm", the Jack Bruce-composed "Theme From An Imaginary Western", and their signature "Mississippi Queen", which has been covered by many artists, including Ozzy Osbourne.

Some consider Led Zeppelin IV, Black Sabbath's Paranoid and Deep Purple's Machine Head as hard rock's holy trinity, but I think "Mountain Climbing" belongs right there with them. Leslie West's fat guitar and powerful vocals along with Corky Lang's pounding drums and Felix Pappalardi's smooth voice, heavy bass and production skills makes this album a primer in what hard rock should be. The songwriting and performances are exuisite throughout. There is not a dead spot on this album. Felix Pappalardi's production, which helped make Cream's albums so great, is carried on in Mountain.

Besides the cowbell laden hit "Mississippi Queen," this album also has the grinding "Never In My Life" and the beautiful "Theme From An Imaginary Western." In contrast, Leslie West has the solo acoustic song "To My Friend" and Pappalardi the soft trance like "The Laird" to add different dynamics to the album, and both succeed. The Cream-like "Boys In The Band" rounds out the album with glorious "woman tone" ala Disreali Gears, from West's guitar. "Climbing" is one of hard rock's finest moments.

01."Mississippi Queen" - 2:32
02."Theme For an Imaginary Western" - 5:07
03."Never in My Life" – 3:53
04."Silver Paper" – 3:18
05."For Yasgur's Farm" – 3:23
06."To My Friend" - 3:38
07."Laird" - 4:39
08."Sittin' on a Rainbow" - 2:22
09."The Boys in the Band" – 3:43
10."For Yasgur's Farm" (Live) – 4:18