torsdag 29 december 2016

Fairport Convention - What We Did On Our Holidays (UK Folk-Rock 1969)

270:- (24-Bit Limited Remaster Edition. Det svåraste albumet att hitta med gruppen. Laminerat konvolut + bonustracks. Utgången utgåva sedan 2003.)

What We Did on Our Holidays is the title of the second album release by the band Fairport Convention. This album included the vocals of Sandy Denny unlike their previous (and first) album, Fairport Convention. This album contains some very memorably early Fairport tunes. Sandy Denny's vocals are moving, especially their take on "She Moves Through the Fair". When Richard Thompson was asked to sign this CD in the early 90's at a show in Detroit, MI, he responded "Oh, I forgot about this album, and I had no idea it was released on CD. Mind if I take a look at it?"

In the USA, the album was released by A&M Records (SP-4185). It contained an identical tracklisting but featured new cover art, and was retitled "Fairport Convention."

Sandy Denny (6 January 1947 – 21 April 1978), was an English singer and songwriter. She is best known for her involvement with the British folk rock movement, including two spells as a member of Fairport Convention, as well as her duet with Robert Plant on Led Zeppelin's fourth album in 1971 - the song "The Battle of Evermore".

In 1965, she enrolled at the Kingston College of Art in London, where she became involved in the folk club on campus. Contempories included John Renbourn, Jimmy Page, and Eric Clapton. After her first public appearance at the Barge in Kingston-Upon-Thames Sandy started working the folk club circuit in the evenings with an American-influenced repertoire, including songs by Tom Paxton, together with folk songs. She travelled in to Earls Court to play at the Troubadour club, where a member of Strawbs heard her. In 1967, she was invited to join the band, and recorded one album with them in Denmark; the album includes an early version of her best-known (and widely covered) song, Who Knows Where the Time Goes. Judy Collins recorded the song, helping to bring Sandy Denny attention. Denny also recorded her first solo album in this period, featuring traditional songs and covers of folk contemporaries including a boyfriend of this period, Jackson C. Frank.

In 1968, Denny became the lead vocalist for Fairport Convention (replacing Judy Dyble), recording three albums with them. Denny is credited with encouraging Fairport Convention to explore the traditional British folk repertoire, and is thus a key figure in the development of British folk rock.

Denny left Fairport Convention in 1969, after recording and, very briefly, touring their release Liege & Lief . The other members of Fairport were interested in exploring the folk rock path that they had started down, but Sandy wanted to develop her own song writing. She went on to form her own band, Fotheringay, including her boyfriend, Australian born Trevor Lucas. She dissolved the group after one album to record solo albums, with several members of Fairport Convention as guests. The North Star Grassman and the Ravens and Sandy remain her most popular solo albums. In 1973, she married Lucas, and returned to Fairport Convention for a world tour and another album, Rising for the Moon, featuring several of her own compositions.
Promo Photo 1969
During her solo period, Denny appeared in a brief cameo on Lou Reizner's version of The Who's rock opera, Tommy, and duetted memorably with Robert Plant on "The Battle of Evermore" from Led Zeppelin's 1971 album (Led Zeppelin IV). She was voted "Female singer of the year" by Melody Maker in 1970 and 1971. Together with contemporaries including Richard Thompson and Ashley Hutchings, she participated in a one-off project called The Bunch, recording a collection of rock standards.

Fairport Convention Concert People 1969
She gained a devoted cult following, but remained deprecating of her talent and unsure of her true direction. Some of her best-loved recordings are interpretations of British traditional song. Denny herself was unsure as to whether she wanted to continue in that vein (in the manner of Steeleye Span and Maddy Prior) or that of a singer-songwriter like Joni Mitchell. She also had yearnings for success in the mass market, for which her shy, unpredictable nature and insecurity about her looks were ill-suited. Her solo albums feature efforts in all three directions, gaining her a reputation for charming eclecticism rather than the star power she and Lucas craved.

Her charisma and extraordinary alto voice were never in doubt. Unfortunately, the stress of the Fairport Convention world tour in 1974 helped to make it apparent that Denny's heavy drinking and smoking were damaging her voice, inclining her to put elaborate string arrangements on her last two solo albums (Like an Old-Fashioned Waltz and Rendezvous). These heavily produced albums were not as well received by the critics. Denny began to question her career goals in earnest and decided to turn her attention to raising a family. At the same time, her substance abuse became critical and her behavior, always erratic, became sufficiently trying to alienate most of her fellow musicians, including Trevor Lucas and her other colleagues in Fairport Convention.

It is noteworthy (and possibly unique) that every member of Sandy Denny's Fotheringay group, except for Pat Donaldson, would later join her earlier band, Fairport Convention.

01. "Fotheringay" (Sandy Denny) 
02. "Mr Lacey" (Ashley Hutchings) 
03. "Book Song" (Iain Matthews/Richard Thompson) 
04. "The Lord Is in This Place...How Dreadful Is This Place" (Ashley    Hutchings/Richard Thompson/Sandy Denny) 
05. "No Man's Land" (Richard Thompson) 
06. "I'll Keep It With Mine" (Bob Dylan) 
07. "Eastern Rain" (Joni Mitchell) 
08. "Nottamun Town" (Traditional, arr. by Sandy Denny/Iain  Matthews/Richard Thompson (musician)|Richard Thompson]]/Simon  Nicol/Ashley Hutchings/Martin Lamble) 
09. "Tale in Hard Time" (Richard Thompson) 
10. "She Moves Through the Fair" (Traditional, arr. by Sandy Denny/Iain  Matthews/Richard Thompson/Simon Nicol/Ashley Hutchings/Martin  Lamble) 
11. "Meet on the Ledge" (Richard Thompson) 
12. "End of a Holiday" (Simon Nicol)

Bonus tracks:
13. "Throwaway Street Puzzle" (Ashley Hutchings/Richard Thompson) 
14. "You're Gonna Need My Help" (McKinley Morganfield) 
15. "Some Sweet Day" (Felice & Boudleaux Bryant)