söndag 18 december 2016

American Blues - Do Their Thing (Heavy Psychedelic Bluesrock US 1969, pre. ZZ Top)

280:- (24-Bit Limited Remaster Edition. American Blues - Do Their Thing var gruppens 2:a och sista album innan de blev ZZ-Top. Utgåva från "Big Pink Records Korea". Lika fint gjord som de Japanska Papersleeve Mini LP's.)

American Blues were an American 1960s Texas-based garage rock band, who played a psychedelic style of blues rock music influenced by the 13th Floor Elevators. They are most notable for including two future members of the band ZZ Top in their ranks, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard. 

From 1966 to 1968, they played the Dallas-Fort Worth-Houston circuit and headlined in three clubs all called "The Cellar", in Dallas at clubs such as "The Walrus" on Mockingbird Lane, and in Houston at "Love Street Light Circus Feel Good Machine" on Allen's Landing, as late as 1968.

Around 1968 the band (the two Hill brothers and Beard) decided to leave the Dallas–Fort Worth area, relocating to Houston. 

At this time, however, guitarist Rocky Hill wanted to focus on "straight blues", while his brother Dusty wanted the band to rock more. Rocky left the band, and the remaining two members joined the recently formed ZZ Top.

Rocky Hill continued to tour around Texas, and elsewhere, becoming one of a number of guitarists well-known within the state for their blues guitar prowess, such as Rocky Athis and Charlie Sexton. In this role, his playing in Austin was said to have been an influence on guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan's formative years, as well. 

He sometimes referred to himself as "The Anti-Clapton", and one writer with the Houston Press called Rocky "perhaps the wildest and scariest – both onstage and off – of all the Texas white-boy blues guitarists.

Formed in Dallas, Texas, USA, in 1968, the American Blues evolved out of local club attraction the Warlocks when Rocky Hill (guitar), Dusty Hill (b. Joe Hill, 19 May 1949, Dallas, Texas, USA; bass), Doug Davis (organ) and Frank Beard (b. 11 June 1949, Frankston, Texas, USA; drums) took their new name upon adopting a more ‘progressive’ sound. 

The American Blues Is Here, released on the local Karma Records label, featured their reworking of Tim Hardin’s ‘If I Were A Carpenter’ and generated sufficient interest to secure a major contract with Uni Records. 

The American Blues Do Their Thing offered a form of hard rock psychedelia, as evinced by such titles as ‘Chocolate Ego’ and ‘Nightmare Of A Wise Man’, but the album failed to spark national interest. The group disintegrated soon afterwards, with first Beard, then Dusty Hill, joining ZZ Top.

Rocky Hill - guitar
 Dusty Hill - bass
 Richard Harris - drums
 Doug Davis - piano on "Mellow"
 Frank Beard - drums

01. You Were So Close To Me   03:24
02. Wonder Man   02:26
03. Just Plain Jane   02:34
04. Shady   02:05
05. Comin' Back Home   05:35
06. Captain Fire   03:18
07. Chocolate Ego   03:04
08. Nightmare Of A Wise Man  03:24
09. Dreams   02:52
10. Softly To The Sun   02:33

"Movin Sidewalks" - Before American Blues Group