onsdag 12 oktober 2016

Renaissance - Scheherazade (UK 1975)

230:- (24-Bit Limited Remaster Edition. Utgången utgåva.)

The band style is quite made for that! "Song of Scheherazade" song (around 20 minutes) is probably the best prog classical song never recorded! Here, the classical orchestration doesn't act in the background, as it is often the case: it really participates and it is the principal agent of this perfect song. Annie Haslam's voice is perfect for this romantic theme. 

Her voice is high class in a high class ensemble. The piano parts are absolutely unbelievable: you hear that and really stargaze!! It is the same case for wind instruments bits. Everything is accompanied with tender percussion (xylophones and smnall bells i think)which give a magical touch to the whole. The eponym song is rythm changing and extremely prog classical. 

The other side of the album is made of excellent songs having more the Renaissance traditional style. Here again, the piano, keyboards, percussions, female lead voice, guitars and bass are really well played and clearly justify the romantic style of the album. 

The song "Trip To The Fair" gives you the feeling that you are a kid riding a horse on an enchanted merry-go-round!! "Ocean Gypsy" has some orchestral arrangements but the band took more the main place: it gives a really impressive prog song with a piano and arrangements very well played. The melody is always present!!

01. Trip To The Fair (10:48)
02. The Vultures Fly High (3:07)
03. Ocean Gypsy (7:05)
04. Song Of Scheherazade: (24:52)
a) Fanfare (2:37)
b) The betrayal (4:55)
c) The sultan (2:46)
d) Love theme (2:29)
e) The young prince and princess as told by Scheherazade (4:04)
f) Festival preparations (1:07)
g) Fugue for the sultan (2:12)
h) The festival (2:12)
i) Finale (2:30)