onsdag 26 oktober 2016

John Williams - The Maureeny Wishfull Album (Eftertraktad Folkrock Med Jimmy Page UK 1968)

310:- (24-Bit Limited Remaster Edition, Utgiven på ett mkt litet Japanskt bolag, "Vinyl Japan". Jimmy Page Spelar på hela albumet (Gitarr & sitar!) Denna Mini LP är mycket svår att hitta, jag har endast haft två exemplar sedan 2008 till salu.)

This is a very rare privately-pressed album featuring Jimmy PageJohn Williams and Big Jim Sullivan

Released on the Moonshine label with pre-Zeppelin Jimmy on guitar and sitar and described as psychedelic folkrock. Rumoured to have been just 300 or so copies pressed, this legendary piece is one of the great Page/Zeppelin-linked collectors items. John Williams had earlier recorded a solo album and a couple of 45s.

In 1965, Page went to work for Andrew Loog Oldham as a talent scout & producer for Immediate Records. John Williams was subsequently signed to Immediate, and began to record "The Maureeny Wishfull Album" with contributions from Page (guitar & sitar), Big Jim Sullivan (guitar), Vic Flick (guitar), and Berne Williams (guitar). 
Williams also began to dabble with songwriting, with Page promoting Williams' songs in exchange for a cut of the publishing royalties. (One success was the song "Little Nightingale", which was recorded by both The Mindbenders and The 'N Betweens in late 1965.) Williams recorded two albums worth of material for Immediate, but Oldham pulled the plug -- and confiscated the master tapes! Williams then signed a solo contract with EMI/Columbia, releasing a self-titled folk album and two 45s in 1967.

The album contained soome of the material from the Immediate sessions, including two songs ("Lullaby" and "Royal Blue") which were published by James Page Music.

This is one INCREDIBLY rare album - with a pressing run of only 300 copies! It's a real oddity too, from a veritable 'supergroup' of guitarists - with Jimmy Page fresh from The YARDBIRDS, 'BIG' JIM SULLIVAN - virtuoso top session player and veteran of Marty Wilde's band in the late 1950's (He issued some solo singles, and French sitar EP's too). 

John Williams Label from the original album
John Williams is more of a classical player, and with his strong folkrock leanings this record was basically his songwriting project for these players. I'm not sure who was singing, but I'm imagining it was Williams as he wrote all the lyrics. The publishing rights appear to be shared between them - though the financial returns must have been a big fat zero.

In a short while, Page was to form 'The New Yardbirds' which effectively was LED ZEPPELIN. Now Jimmy was not unfamiliar with folk by any means - especially after his strong interest and respect for Bert Jansch, Davey Graham, and John Renbourn. He also made guest appearances with such as Al Stewart and Roy Harper among others, so he was not strictly about blistering heavy rock and blues - as his tasteful acoustic numbers illustrated on all the early Led Zep albums too. For my ears, this has a lot more in common with Donovan - and not to its' detriment either! The songs are pleasant, well balanced and obviously - with high quality playing.

01. Maureeny Wishfull (James Page Music)
02. To Something New
03. I Must Fly (James Page Music)
04. I Know, You Know Too (James Page Music)
05. Another Winter, Another Spring
06. City Blues (James Page Music)
07. Gypsy Girl & The Poor Boy
08. Early Bird Of Morning
09. London Town (James Page Music)
10. Sally You've Been On The Game Too Long
11. Dream Cloudburst
12. And She Is My True Love (James Page Music)
13. Five Verses For My Love
14. C'mon Train