lördag 29 oktober 2016

Gun - Gun Sight (2nd Album UK 1969, pre Three Man Army)

220:- (24-Bit Limited Remaster Edition. Utgången utgåva sedan länge. Bra platta till ett bra pris.)

This second effort from the Gurvitz brothers shines. The opening track, Head In The Clouds, stuck me at the time to be one of the most effective uses of stereo recording - try it with headphones. Angeline was the song I listened to the most - a Stairway To Heaven type construction with a ripping break. 

This Repertoire release also contains two non-LP singles, Don't Look Back and Runnin Wild, both evidence that the band was working on refining its style, mixing power trio riffing with tight radio friendly tracks. They perfected this with their next band, Three Man Army. Get Three Man Army's Soldiers of Rock anthology. Although nothing on this CD quite hits the originality and power of Race With The Devil from their debut LP, Gun remain one of the most original power trios to emerge.

Before Gun, there was the Knack & Londoners, more pop & mod than power and gives you some insight into the Gurvitz boys and things to come. Look for their transitional track, Lights On The Wall, that stands up there with period classics like 14 Hour Technicolor Dream etc. 

Paul Gurvitz subsequently did a couple of solo LPs out but his very best, Gurvitz-Parrish remains unreleased, a great collaboration with guitarist Brian Parrish (Badger). Adrian Gurvitz, post Baker Gurvitz Army headed for LA, wrote songs for REO and Whitney Huston and put out a series of solid solo efforts, the most balanced of which remains Classic - a mix of ballads and a couple of almost Gunlike rockers with riffs that take you back to the power trio days.

01. Head in the Clouds  04:38
02. Drown Yourself in the River  02:55
03. Angeline  05:32
04. Dreams and Screams  05:15
05. Situation Vacant  04:06
06. Hobo  03:37
07. Lady Link, Pt. 1  00:52
08. Oh Lady You  05:25
09. Lady Link, Pt. 2   00:38
10. Long Hair Wildman  03:52