onsdag 26 oktober 2016

Greenslade - Time and Tide (Progressive Rock UK 1975) SHM-CD

260:- (SHM-CD Limited Remaster Edition. Progressive UK Rock, SHM-CD. Utgången utgåva sedan 2010.)

This Greenslade's album is excellent, quite progressive and a bit keyboards oriented. The tracks are very varied. The 2 keyboardists use most of the imaginable vintage keyboards: rhythmic piano, clavinet, harpsichord, floating mellotron, rhythmic organ, Fender Rhodes and moog, among others. Some songs slightly have the Who's style, especially "Animal farm" and "Newsworth", and the lead singer has a bit the Roger Daltrey's voice. 

On the more progressive tracks, the keyboards sound a bit like Rick Wakeman's work of the 70's. On "Time", the male choir and harpsichord combination reminds me the Rick Wakeman's "Myths & legends of King Arthur..." album. "Tide" has a classic progressive floating mellotron a la Rick Wakeman again. The nervous "Catalan" has again the Rick Wakeman's style with excellent melodic keyboards solos and floating mellotron.

"The Flattery Stakes" has a rhythmic organ, a hard rock guitar solo and a keyboards solo; the intensely floating keyboards parts sound a bit like Taï Phong's "Field of Gold". "Waltz for a Fallen Idol" has a conventional mellow Fender Rhodes arrangement and floating keyboards in the background. The catchy "The ass's Ears" has fast drums, punchy bass, and rhythmic & solo organ parts; the very sustained guitar solo is very anthemic. 

"Doldrums" is a weird combination of lead vocals, Fender Rhodes and male choirs a la Rick Wakeman's "Myth & legends of King Arthur...", paradoxically reminding the Camel's "The snow goose" album. The last track is a demonstration of rhythmic clavinet and weird moog solos technique a la Rick Wakeman again!

01. Animal Farm (3:24)
02. Newsworth (3:03)
03. Time (1:16)
04. Tide (2:51)
05. Catalan (5:03)
06. The Flattery Stakes (3:57)
07. Waltz for a Fallen Idol (3:19)
08. The ass's Ears (3:21)
09. Doldrums (3:42)
10. Gangsters (2:27)

Greenslade Back Cover