lördag 8 oktober 2016

Formula 3 - S/T (Italiensk Progressiv Tung Rock 1971)

240:- (24-Bit Limited Remaster Edition. Utgiven 2005 är är nu svår att få tag i.)

Most of the principles that were recognizable in their debut are featured here as well: psychedelia, heaviness, but with some subtlety and emotion that is directly linked with the genre. But let's be honest: it was really difficult in those days to get acquainted with these Italian recordings.
As I have said about some German bands from the same era (and which I quite like BTW), is that this type of music should have sounded quite outdated in '71. At the end of the day, the great psyche days were '66 through '69. Later on, this type of music could have been taken as old fashioned. 

Nonetheless, the long opener ''Nessuno Nessuno'' offers some fine and solid musical moment. If ever, like myself, you are orphan of these days: you might be interested. Especially while you have discovered the powerful and emotional ''Un Papavero'' which is my fave from this album. 

As I have said in a previous review, this band plays quite a different music as one might expect from the genre: most of the time hard with some great vocal moments (like ''Venda Casa''). But when I have to listen to ''Eppur Mi Son Scordato Di Te'', I have to say that I have a difficult time.

I guess that the faithful Italian prog fan might get lost while listening to their first recordings, but this is still a valuable effort. Not a masterpiece of course but a good album.

01. Nessuno nessuno (11:01) 
02. Tu sei bianca, sei rosa, mi perderò (4:16)
03. Vendo casa (2:55)
04. Eppur mi son scordato di te (3:38)
05. Un papavero (4:01)
06. Il vento (4:47)
07. Mi chiamo Antonio tal dei tali e lavoro ai mercati generali (5:51)