lördag 8 oktober 2016

Formerly Fat Harry - Selftitled (Folkrock UK 1971)

260:- (24-Bit Limited Remaster Edition. Relief och "flipback konvolut, precis som original albumet från 1971. Albumet har  alltid varit svår att hitta som Mini LP. 2:a exemplaret sedan 2009.)

Formerly Fat Harry's only album is one the forgotten greats of late '60s British rock. U.K.-based but formed by Country Joe & the Fish bassist Bruce Barthol, Formerly Fat Harry meshed basic folk rock with elements of funk, jazz, and psychedelic rock; experimented with odd tempos; and quietly created some original, surprisingly intense music in the early 1970s. Fat Harry was soon signed up by the original Pink Floyd management company.

Formed in England in 1971, Formerly Fat Harry revolved around the talents of US expatriates Gary Peterson (vocals/guitar/keyboards), Phil Greenberg (vocals/guitar) and Bruce Barthol (bass, ex-Country Joe And The Fish). 

Saxophonist George Khan (formerly of Battered Ornaments) and Laurie Allen (drums) completed the featured line-up on Formerly Fat Harry, a pleasant country rock, good time music set which anticipated the ‘pub rock’ boom. Unfortunately, the band failed to make commercial headway and they split up when the core members returned to the USA. Allen subsequently worked with GongLol Coxhill and Robert Wyatt. George Khan, also known as Nisar Ahmet Khan, played on several jazz rock features by Annette Peacock and Mike Westbrook before leading Mirage (1977).

Led by Bruce Barthol (bassist with San Francisco psych heroes Country Joe & The Fish), this oddly-named quartet coalesced in London in 1969 and soon gained admirers for their laid-back country-influenced sound. They became a fixture in the city's underground clubs and at free festivals, but their sole album appeared in late 1971, by which time their moment had passed. It makes its long-awaited return to CD here, complete with background notes.

★ Bruce Barthol - bass/vocals
★ Phil Greenberg - guitar/vocals
★ Gary Peterson - guitar/keyboards/vocals
★ Laurie Allan - drums (tracks 1, 3, 4, 8)
★ John Marshall - drums (tracks 2, 5, 7)
★ Alan Jackson - drums (track 6) 

01. Passing The River 05:04
02. My Friend Ws A Pusher 05:15
03. About My Life 05:45
04. Please Go Away 04:35
05. I Saw The Ringing Of The Bell 04:45
06. Tell Me All About It 04:40
07. Captain Heart 03:28
08. Goodbye For Good 06:55