fredag 7 oktober 2016

Flied Egg - Good Bye (Eftertraktad Japansk Hårdrock 1972)

260:- (24-Bit Limited Remaster Edition, utgången utgåva, mycket svår att hitta nu. Suverän Japansk tung hårdrock med sång på engelska.)

This is great vintage psyche rock from the 70's."Side one" are all live tracks,and though I normally dont care much for live recordings this totally rocks! The high-reved energy is in full force here, with pounding drums,screaming guitars and some over-the-top falseto vocal lines - raw and rockin'!!
"Side 2" are all studio tracks with a much more prog slant than the more down to earth live tracks.That isnt to say they arent good,because they are,just not quite as rockin' as the live stuff.Great disc! Flied Egg - Goodbye CD. Reissue of rare Deep Purple influenced Japanese heavy psych blues rock from the early 70s.

"Flied Egg was a Japanese trio, and I'm really not sure if their weird name was intentional or not. Their farewell album "Goodbye" reveals, although not the most stylistically focused band you've heard, three guys who obviously had lots of fun and enjoyment in what they were doing. The first side was recorded live, and consisted of loud guitar based hard rock. It's rather simple and raw music, but still very enjoyable if you're in for something hard and energetic. And the 12-minute "Five More Pennies" includes some good jamming. 

The studio side is a bit more sophisticated and progressive, especially the excellent and complex instrumental "521 Seconds Schizophrenic Symphony" that includes some tasteful organ and piano too. The melodic "Out to the Sea" borrows the opening guitar chords from King Crimson's "Epitaph". "Before you Descend" has on the other hand more in common with the first side of the album. If you can find it, "Goodbye" will be well worth a listen if you're into hard 70's rock with some progressive elements thrown in here and there."

Yes that's right, Flied not Fried Egg. Uh, 'cause they're Japanese. Think about it. Hey, it's their joke. Anyway, this one's for all you '70s heaviness lovin' proto-metal fans who may have missed it before. Good Bye was Flied Egg's second of two albums (both '72, and both on the famed Vertigo label, best known as the home of Black Sabbath). 

Hopefully Phoenix will also soon reissue first one, with the marvelous title of Dr. Siegel's Fried Egg Shooting Machine, which as you might guess is some pretty wild acid psych. Good Bye, however, is the heavier of the two, and we can simply say it's a no-brainer for Blue Cheer fans. Basically, this album is distinctly (even on cd) split between two sides, the first half recorded live, possibly at their farewell concert, we'd guess from the title. This in-concert portion is the heaviest, it's all bad ass fuzzed out blooze rawk swagger that makes us think Blue Cheer, Blue Cheer, Blue Cheer! (Also Grand Funk, Cactus, and Mountain.) 

Hear 'em rile up a cheering crowd with these party-pleasers: "Leave Me Woman", "Rolling Down The Broadway" (a stompin' composition that appears in a studio version on their debut), BB King's "Rock Me Baby", and the twelve-minute-plus "Five More Pennies", which includes a drum solo in addition to all the acid guitar excess. Following all that, the studio half of the album gets a bit more proggy and wigged out (ending with a multi-part piece entitled "521 Seconds Schizophrenic Symphony", wow!) while also containing a couple of mellower melodic numbers, namely the sad and gentle "Out To Sea" and finale "Goodbye My Friends". 

FYI, not a favorite of Julian "Japrocksampler" Cope, but WE like it. Members of Flied Egg also did time in some other hard rockin' underground Japanese psych acts whose reissues we've previously reviewed, including Strawberry Path, Brush!?, and Food Brain... if you dig those, or the likes of Flower Travellin' Band, Blues Creation, Speed Glue & Shinki, or Too Much, then Flied Egg is for you too. 

01. Leave Me Woman
02. Rolling Down The Broadway
03. Rock Me Baby
04. Five More Pennies
05. Before You Descend
06. Out To The Sea
07. Goodbye My Friends
08. 521 Seconds Schizophrenic Symphony