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Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies (Klassiker US 1973) (SHM-CD) (copy 2)

290:- (SHM-CD Limited Remaster Edition. Gimmick konvolut med tillbehör ingår. Tillfälle, Utgången utgåva från förlaget för länge sedan.)

Billion Dollar Babies is the sixth studio album by American hard rock band Alice Cooper, released in 1973. The album became the best selling Alice Cooper record at the time of its release, hit number one on the album charts in both the United States and the United Kingdom, and went on to be certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. The album was heavily praised by such critics as Robert Christgau, Greg Prato of allmusic, and Jason Thompson of popmatters, but Rolling Stone gave the album only two and a half stars.

Songs were recorded in both the state of Connecticut and London, England. Lyrics cover topics and themes such as necrophilia, the fear of dentists, horror, and a comedic take on sexual harassment.

Drummer Neal Smith has said that the album can be traced back to the song "Caught in a Dream" from the album Love It to Death. The first recording sessions for the album took place in Greenwich, Connecticut in a mansion called the Galecie Estate. To achieve certain vocal sounds and echos, microphones were run through rooms of various sizes and a greenhouse. Others sessions were held at Morgan Studios in London, where singer Donovan contributed to the album by singing on its title track. The album was produced by Bob Ezrin.

Guitarists, Glen Buxton and Michael Bruce, both used Gibson SGs for the album. Two more guitarists, Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter, were also featured on the album to help cover for Buxton who at the time was suffering from substance abuse.

With Billion Dollar Babies, Alice Cooper refined the raw grit of their earlier work in favor of a slightly more polished sound (courtesy of super-producer Bob Ezrin), resulting in a mega-hit album that reached the top of the U.S. album charts. 

Albumets Insida
Song for song, Billion Dollar Babies is probably the original Alice Cooper group's finest and strongest. Such tracks as "Hello Hooray," the lethal stomp of the title track, the defiant "Elected" (a rewrite of an earlier song, "Reflected"), and the poison-laced pop candy of "No More Mr. Nice Guy" remain among Cooper's greatest achievements. 

Also included are a pair of perennial concert standards -- the disturbing necrophilia ditty "I Love the Dead" and the chilling macabre of "Sick Things" -- as well as such strong, lesser-known selections as "Raped and Freezin'," "Unfinished Sweet," and perhaps Cooper's most overlooked gem, "Generation Landslide." Nothing seemed like it could stop this great hard rock band from overtaking the universe, but tensions between the members behind the scenes would force the stellar original AC band to split up after just one more album. Not only is Billion Dollar Babies one of Cooper's very best; it remains one of rock's all-time, quintessential classics.

 Alice Cooper – vocals, harmonica
 Glen Buxton – guitar
 Michael Bruce – rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
 Dennis Dunaway – bass, backing vocals
 Neal Smith – drums, backing vocals
 Donovan – vocals on the song "Billion Dollar Babies"
 Steve "Deacon" Hunter – guitar
 Mick Mashbir – guitar
 Dick Wagner – guitar
 Bob Dolin – keyboards
 David Libert – backing vocals
 Bob Ezrin – keyboards, producer

Recorded: The Galecie Estate, Greenwich 
CT, The Record Plant, New York City  
Morgan Studios in London, 
August 1972 - January 1973

Released: February 25, 1973

01. "Hello Hooray" Kempf 4:15
02. "Raped and Freezin'" Cooper, Michael Bruce 3:19
03. "Elected" Cooper, Glen Buxton, Bruce, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith 4:05
04. "Billion Dollar Babies" Cooper, Bruce, Smith, Vinson 3:43
05. "Unfinished Sweet" Cooper, Bruce, Smith 6:18
06. "No More Mr. Nice Guy" Cooper, Bruce 3:06
07. "Generation Landslide" Cooper, Buxton, Bruce, Dunaway, Smith 4:31
08. "Sick Things" Cooper, Bruce, Bob Ezrin 4:18
09. "Mary Ann" Cooper, Bruce 2:21
10. "I Love the Dead" Cooper, Ezrin 5:09

Reklam från Billboard Magasine 1973 i samband med
utgivningen av albumet.
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