söndag 21 februari 2016

Traffic - When the Eagle Flies (UK 1974) (SHM-CD)

250:- (SHM-CD Limited Remaster Edition. Utgången utgåva sedan 2008.)

When the Eagle Flies was the final album released by English rock band Traffic, in 1974, until their 1994 reunion Far From Home. The album featured Jim Capaldi on drums, keyboards and vocals; Rosko Gee on bass guitar; Steve Winwood on guitar, keyboards, and vocals; and Chris Wood on flute and saxophone. 

When the Eagle Flies was the band's fourth consecutive studio album to reach the American Top Ten and have gold album status. Traffic toured to support the release, but at the conclusion of the tour Traffic disbanded in 1974.

Traffic was the eponymous rock album by the English rock band Traffic, ranging in style from psychedelic rock to acid jazz. It was their second release, in October 1968; it reached number 9 in the UK album charts on 26 October 1968, and reached number 17 in the Billboard charts in the United States.

 After their debut album, Mr. Fantasy, Traffic planned a more mainstream album, possibly with fewer drug references and psychedelic influences. Before they began recording, they decided to reinstate Dave Mason. Mason ended up writing and singing half of the songs on the album, making very little contribution to the other half.

Chris Wood's flute playing on the album was compared to that of Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull, who is often thought of as the most famous rock flautist of all time.

Following the release of Traffic, the band embarked upon a tour of the United States but shortly thereafter fired Mason. 

At the conclusion of the tour, at the beginning of 1969, Winwood announced the breakup of Traffic. 

Winwood joined supergroup Blind Faith while the remaining members of Traffic (including Mason) worked on a project called Wooden Frog which never recorded an album. In 1970, Winwood reunited with Capaldi and Wood to release John Barleycorn Must Die.

01."Something New" (Winwood/Capaldi) – 3:15
02."Dream Gerrard" (Winwood/Stanshall) – 11:03
03."Graveyard People" (Winwood/Capaldi) – 6:05
04."Walking in the Wind" (Winwood/Capaldi) – 6:48
05."Memories of a Rock N' Rolla" (Winwood/Capaldi) – 4:50
06."Love" (Winwood/Capaldi) – 3:20
07."When the Eagle Flies" (Winwood/Capaldi) – 4:24