fredag 29 januari 2016

Status Quo - Spare Parts (Gruppen's 2:a Album UK 1969) UK 1969)

250:- (24-Bit Limited Remaster Edition. Mycket svår att hitta. Utgången sedan 2005.)

Spare Parts is the second album by the English rock band Status Quo, and the final one in the psychedelic vein. It is also the first in which the group's roadie Bob Young began writing and co-writing songs for and with the band.

The album covers a song written by Carole King and Gerry Goffin, "You're Just What I Was Looking for Today". Only one song was slated for a single release. This was the Anthony King written song "Are You Growing Tired of My Love", backed with the Alan Lancaster composition "So Ends Another Life". Released in April 1969 it reached no. 46 in UK singles charts.

The album was released in September 1969 but wasn't a commercial success.

Following the disappointment of the album, the band released a non-album single - the Everly Brothers' "The Price of Love", also released in September 1969, with the Francis Rossi & Rick Parfitt composition "Little Miss Nothing" as the b-side.

Following the wake of Picturesque Machstickable Messages From the Status Quo, Spare Parts tries to imitate the psychedelic sound that was so fashionable at the time. The disc is known for being one of the less-fortunate made by the British band, and they have even despised it on some occasions. In fact, 1969 was going to be the most dismal year in the story of Status Quo. Urged by Pye's request to reach the charts at any rate, the songs in the record reflect the band's frustrated attempts to please the company. 

The result is an irregular album that does not reach the imaginative sound of their earlier songs nor the brightness of their subsequent records. 

Beyond that, a friendly and deep listening reveals that Spare Parts is an underrated effort in some aspects. Some songs of their own -- like "Nothing at All," "So Ends Another Life," or even "Little Miss Nothing" -- and some borrowed compositions -- like "Are You Growing Tired of My Love?" (which scraped the Top 50 on the British charts) and "Mister Mind Detector" -- sound really inventive and they work as an excellent reflection of how pop music was trying to develop itself during those years. 

Although it could sound a little bit dated later on, Spare Parts deserved more attention than people were willing to afford it when it was released. This one was also their last record in which keyboardist Roy Lynes performed as an active member. A few months after Spare Parts was released, Status Quo initiated their metamorphosis toward the boogie rock that would make them rich and famous later on.

01. "Face Without a Soul" (Rossi/Parfitt) - 3:08
02. "You're Just What I Was Looking for Today" (Goffin/King) - 3:50
03. "Are You Growing Tired of My Love" (Anthony King) - 3:37
04. "Antique Angelique" (Lancaster/Young) - 3:22
05. "So Ends Another Life" (Alan Lancaster) - 3:12
06. "Poor Old Man" (Francis Rossi/Rick Parfitt) - 3:36
07. "Mr. Mind Detector" (Anthony King) - 4:01
08. "The Clown" (Alan Lancaster/Bob Young/Paul Nixon) - 3:22
09. "Velvet Curtains" (Anthony King) - 2:56
10. "Little Miss Nothing" (Francis Rossi/Rick Parfitt) - 2:59
11. "When I Awake" (Alan Lancaster/Bob Young) - 3:49
12. "Nothing at All" (Alan Lancaster/Lynes/Bob Young) - 3:52