tisdag 10 november 2015

Strawberry Path, Jimmy & Hiro - When the Raven Has Come to The Earth (Japansk (Superb) Hårdrock 1971)

300:- (24-Bit Limited Remaster Edition. Japansk hårdrock när den är som bäst. Sång på Engelska och gavs ut som Mini LP år 2003 på det lilla skivbolaget "Hagakure". Original utvikomslag. Mycket svår att hitta idag.)

An excellent album this time. this band was the forerunner of one of japan's most influential prog rock bands in the 70's: Flied Egg

Sounds like a mix of jimi hendrix with some other classic hard rock bands.
the vocalist of this band (George Yanagi) did the vocals on the Shinki Chen & Friends album.

Albumets baksida
We won't try to tell you that the lone album from Japan's Strawberry Path was one of the best rock releases of '71, 'cause of course there were so many great albums out that year. But if you're a fan of heavy rock of the era, especially the weirder stuff from overseas, you should check 'em out. There's plenty of wailing guitar and jammin' organ on here, but also some mellow moves too so it's maybe more '60s than '70s sounding, and VERY Jimi Hendrix influenced. And we'd guess they were also into such Western acts as Steppenwolf, early Deep Purple, Grand Funk and possibly Black Sabbath

In the realm of early '70s Japanese hard psych they're on par with Speed, Glue & Shinki and Foodbrain, but not quite as as solid as the best Flower Travellin' Band or Blues Creation. These guys (a duo of Shigeru "Jimmy" Narumo on guitars and keys, and Hiro Tsunoda on drums and vocals, helped out by various guests) went on to form the even heavier Flied Egg, who released an LP on Vertigo, a track from which is heard on Andy Votel's Vertigo Mixed disc in fact. 

This is totally in that Vertigo vein, with classical flourishes of flute and strings, hard-rockin' boogie blues riffage, wild vocals, kickin' drum breaks, acoustic interludes... it's an acid-prog mix that isn't always in the proto-metal direction we might want but we'll take what we can get. 

Albumets insida
Plus you've gotta love the song titles, which are either really cool and weird like "Maximum Speed Of Muji Bird (45 Seconds Of Schizophrenic Sabbath)" or totally indicative of what you'd expect like "I Gotta See My Gypsy Woman" and "Mary Jane On My Mind".

These guys made only one album that I’m aware of, ‘When the Raven Has Come To The Earth’ aka ‘Ohtori Ga Chikyu Ni Yattekitahi’ [Philips, 1971], credited to Strawberry Path – Jimmy & Hino. It’s largely a great slab of bluesy heavy psychedelic rock in a slight early progressive vein. Some of it sounds a bit like funky Hendrix as filtered through New Zealand’s Human Instinct. Drummer Hiro Tsunoda was previously in The Jacks and Foodbrain, and went on to Flied Egg and Sadistic Mika Band.

01. I Gotta See My Gypsy Woman  04:56
02. Woman Called Yellow l  05:31
03. The Second Fate  04:29
04. Five More Pennies  06:25
05. Maximum Speed Of Moji Bird   00:48 
06. Leave Me Woman  04:21
07. Mary Janes On My Mind   04:50
08. Spherical Illusion  05:34
09. When The Raven Has Come To The Earth  06:18