söndag 4 januari 2015

Uriah Heep - Very 'Eavy...Very 'Umble (1:st Album of Rock/Hardrock/Progressive Rock UK 1970)

290:- (24-Bit Limited Remaster Edition. Debutalbumet med Uriah Heep från 1970. Original utvikomslag samt 8 bonus låtar. Utgången utgåva sedan 2006.)

...Very 'Eavy ...Very 'Umble is the debut album of British rock band Uriah Heep.

It was released in the United States as Uriah Heep with different sleeve artwork, and with "Bird of Prey" in place of "Lucy Blues." The album is notable for being rooted more in raunchy blues rock than the band's subsequent albums, a sound that would evolve into straighter hard rock on later releases.

The album was generally panned by the mainstream critical press upon its release, although it has since been acknowledged as an early classic of the heavy metal genre. The harshest critic was Rolling Stone magazine reviewer, Melissa Mills, who began her review, "If this group makes it I'll have to commit suicide. From the first note you know you don't want to hear any more."

The original vinyl release was a gatefold-sleeve, featuring David Byron on the front sleeve, almost unrecognisable beneath the cobwebs.

The album was first released on the Vertigo label in the UK, as was the follow-up Salisbury, but both were quickly reissued by Bronze when the band signed to that label.

This album was the debut of Uriah Heep, an English band that would become one of the Titans of the '70s heavy metal sound. Despite their eventual hard-rocking reputation, Very 'Eavy...Very 'Umble finds the band trying on different stylistic hats as they work towards finding their own sound. At this juncture, their music falls halfway between the crunch of heavy metal and the dramatic arrangements of prog rock. When this style jells, the results are quite powerful: "Dreammare" blends psychedelic lyrics and a complex vocal arrangement with a stomping beat from the rhythm section to create an effective slice of prog metal fusion while "I'll Keep on Trying" presents a head-spinning, complex tune with enough riffs, hooks, and tempo changes to fill three or four songs. 

However, the album's finest achievement is "Gypsy": this heavy metal gem nails the blend of swirling organ riffs, power chords, and leather-lunged vocal harmonies that would define the group's classic tunes and remains a staple of the band's live performances today. Unfortunately, the focus of the album is diluted by some unsuccessful experiments: "Lucy Blues" is a dull, unmemorable stab at a Led Zeppelin-style heavy blues tune and "Come Away Melinda" is an overproduced, melodramatic cover that tries to marry the band's full-throttle musical style to a message song. 

Despite these occasional moments of stylistic schizophrenia, Very 'Eavy...Very 'Umble is a likable album that shows the promise that Uriah Heep would soon realize. Those unfamiliar with Uriah Heep may want to try out Demons and Wizards or a compilation first, but anyone with a serious interest in Uriah Heep or the roots of heavy metal will find plenty to like on Very 'Eavy...Very 'Umble. The American edition of this album was retitled Uriah Heep and omits "Lucy Blues" in favor of the track "Bird of Prey" from Salisbury.

David Byron – Lead Vocals
 Ken Hensley – Piano, Organ, Mellotron, Slide Guitar, Vocals
 Mick Box – Lead & Acoustic Guitars, vocals
 Paul Newton – Bass Guitar, Vocals
 Nigel Olsson – Drums, Percussion (tracks 4 & 5)
 Alex Napier - Drums (tracks 1–3, 6–8)
 Keith Baker - Drums ("Bird of Prey" (US Release)

Additional personnel:
 Colin Wood - Keyboards ("Come Away Melinda", "Wake Up (Set Your Sights)")

01. "Gypsy"  Box, Byron  06:37
02. "Walking in Your Shadow"  Byron, Newton  04:31
03. "Come Away Melinda"  Hellerman, Minkoff  03:46
04. "Lucy Blues"  Box, Byron  05:08
05. "Dreammare"  Newton  04:39
06. "Real Turned On"  Box, Byron, Newton  03:37
07. "I'll Keep On Trying"  Box, Byron  05:24
08. "Wake Up (Set Your Sights)"  Box, Byron  06:22

Bonus Tracks:
09. "Bird of Prey"  Box, Byron, Hensley, Newton  04:05
10. "Born in a Trunk" (Alternate Version)  Box, Byron  04:31
11. "Come Away Melinda" (Alternate Version)  Hellerman, Minkoff  04:15
12. "Gypsy" (Extended Mix)  Box, Byron  07:07
13. "Wake Up (Set Your Sights)" (Alternate Version)  Box, Byron  06:32
14. "Born in a Trunk" (Instrumental)  Box, Byron  04:31
15. "Dreammare" (Live at the BBC)  Newton  03:08
16. "Gypsy" (Live at the BBC)  Box, Byron  05:15