lördag 24 januari 2015

Le Orme - Ad Gloriam (1:a Albumet från Italien, Psychedelic Rock 1969) (SHM-CD)

290:- (SHM-CD Limited Remaster Edition. Utgången utgåva sedan 2010. Utgiven av det lilla skivbolaget "Belle Antique". En väldigt bra platta.)

Italian psychedelic music is to be found here, and for me, this is a good find. Le Orme's debut is not rambunctious or pretentious- it consists of feathery rock songs with bright melodies in major keys. Nothing fancy, but this is a solid first effort and there are quite a few imaginative moments. This is highly recommended album for fans of the earliest works of rock bands, such as early Yes or Pink Floyd.

Foldout Cover

"Introduzione" Right from the start, the listener is treated to a funky psychedelic piece, with warbling guitar all over a call-and-response bass and organ. Quite possibly this could have been the introduction for a TV sitcom at that time.

"Ad Gloriam" Following a brief vocal bit, pleasantly light rock music ensues. A repeated melody hangs out in the background, as though in its own world. This is a great song, and I was pleasantly surprised the first time I heard it.

"Oggi Verrà" Light cymbals and percussion with a thudding bass and whimsical flute accompany fragile yet pleasant vocals.

"Milano 1968" Bright organ and trebly bass engage in a psychedelic dance before spoken word and light singing take over.

Back Cover
"I Miei Sogni" Slide guitar fed through dozens of effects introduces heavy tom work before further light rock of the 1960s comes through.

"Mita Mita" Le Orme demonstrates great use of exotic instrumentation in this light and buoyant song.

"Fumo" Juxtaposing quieter vocal passages with heavy organ-driven sections, this piece has some bizarre belching effects in places, and all of the instruments seem to be doing their own thing, yet it all comes together nicely.

"Senti L'Estate Che Torna" This is quite an enjoyable song that is typical of oldies music both in composition and in sound.

"Fiori Di Giglio" Following a somewhat exotic introduction, more pastoral textures ride in, over which is spoken word from what sounds like a very young girl.

"Non So Restare Solo" Plinking quarter notes with a whistling organ underneath work with the relatively dynamic rhythm section to support the straightforward vocals. With the backup singing on the chorus, the music really does sound like a pop song from the golden oldies period of music. The instrumental segment involves gritty guitar and soon after, a drum solo.

"Conclusione" This final ditty involves the strumming of an acoustic guitar, honky-tonk piano, and some lazy vocals, like a country tune drunkenly sang at a saloon.

01. Introduzione (1:45)
02. Ad Gloriam (5:31)
03. Oggi Verrà (2:32)
04. Milano 1968 (3:12)
05. I Miei Sogni (3:00)
06. Mita Mita (2:53)
07. Fumo (3:39)
08. Senti L'Estate Che Torna (2:47)
09. Fiori Di Giglio (3:07)
10. Non So Restare Solo (5:28)
11. Conclusione (1:42)