torsdag 23 oktober 2014

The Animals - S/T (1:a Albumet UK 1964) (SHM-CD) (25 Låtar)

260:- (SHM-CD Limited Remaster Edition. Gruppens första album med "flipback konvolut". 26 låtar.)

The group's U.K. debut long-player, containing -- in the custom of the time in England -- not one of their singles up to that point, including "House of the Rising Sun." Apart from "Story of Bo Diddley" (which is, itself, heavily steeped in conventions out of Bo Diddley's repertory), everything here is a cover of traditional blues and R&B material, and a bit on the dry side, as though the band was trying too hard to prove themselves. 

This is one of the more serious and dour British Invasion-era albums, with none of the cheerfulness evident on the work of the Liverpool, Birmingham, or Manchester-based bands of the period -- the Chuck Berry covers, in particular, seem rather joyless compared to rival versions by the Rolling Stones, et al. For adult orientation, The Animals is roughly on a par with the Rolling Stones' debut LP (though that album is also more fun). The group would do better in the future in a less stiff and intense posture, but this is a strong debut.

01. Story Of Bo Diddley 05:45

02. Bury My Body 02:52
03. Dimples 03:19
04. I've Been Around 01:39
05. I'm In Love Again 03:03
06. The Girl Can't Help It 02:23
07. I'm Mad Again 04:17
08. She Said Yeah 02:21
09. The Right Time 03:48
10. Memphis 03:08
11. Boom Boom 03:19
12. Around And Around 02:48

Bonus Tracks:

13. Baby Let Me Take You Home 02:21
14. Gonna Send You Back To Walker 02:30
15. The House Of The Rising Sun 04:29
16. Takin' 'Bout You 01:53
17. I'm Crying 02:46
18. Take It Easy 02:53
19. Blue Feeling 02:32
20. Dimples (Alternate Take) 02:51
21. Talkin' 'Bout You (Full Version) 07:04
22. F-E-E-L 02:43
23. Baby What's Wrong 02:51
24. The House Of The Rising Sun (Edit Version) 03:05
25. Blue Feeling (Alternate Take) 02:27