måndag 8 september 2014

Marianne Faithfull - Loveinamist by Marianne Faithfull (Rare Album UK 1967)

290:- (SHM-CD Limited Remaster Edition.  Hennes sista album från 60-talet. Mono + Stereo + Bonus track.)

Love in a Mist (alternately titled Loveinamist) is a 1967 studio album by British musician Marianne Faithfull. Michael Cooper is credited for the design and photography.

Many of the tracks had been released months earlier on the US-only Faithfull Forever. This would be her last studio album release until 1977's Dreamin' My Dreams.

Faithfull's final album of the 1960s (she would do one more single, in 1969) was a confused, patchy effort that seemed indicative of musical directionless. There was overblown, orchestrated straight pop (the cover of the Beatles' "Yesterday"), numbers where she seemed to be attempting to be a British Edith Piaf of sorts, and covers of contemporary folk-rock tunes by Donovan and Tim Hardin. 

Also, a couple of the better songs ("This Little Bird" and "Counting") had long been available on singles, from 1965 and 1966, respectively. This would have been categorized as "eclectic" rather than "directionless" if the material had been better, the arrangements more inspired, and the singing more commanding, but that wasn't the case on any of those counts. There are still some enjoyable bits, like the cover of "Young Girl Blues," and particularly the version of Jackie DeShannon's moody "With You in Mind." At the time, it was likely seen as something to fill in the gaps in the absence of better material. 

No one suspected, probably, that Faithfull would be diverted by other professional activities and personal calamities, and really wouldn't return to high visibility as a recording artist for a dozen years. The 1988 CD reissue on London U.K. has a couple of worthwhile bonus tracks in previously unreleased covers of Tim Hardin's "Hang Onto a Dream" and the Kinks' "Rosie, Rosie" (titled "Rosy Won't You Please Come Home" when it appeared on the Kinks' Face to Face album), both of which were recorded in September 1966.

01. Yesterday
02. You Can't Go Where The Roses Go
03. Our Love Has Gone
04. Don't Make Promises
05. In The Night Time
06. This Little Bird
07. Ne Me Quitte Pas
08. Counting
09. Reason To Believe
10. Coquillage
11. With You In Mind
12. Young Girl Blues
13. Good Guy
14. I Have A Love 

15. Yesterday
16. You Can`t Go Where The Roses Go
17. Our Love Has Gone
18. Don`t Make Promises You Can`t Keep
19. In The Night Time
20. This Little Bird
21. Ne Me Quitte Pas
22. Counting
23. Reason To Believe
24. Coquillage
25. With You In Mind
26. Young Girl Blues
27. Good Guy
28. I Have A Love

Bonus Track
29. Hang Onto The Dream