måndag 22 juli 2013

Om: "Platinum SHM-CD"

Hej. Jag tycker mig att utläsa att "Platinum SHM-CD" ges ut som exklusiva utgåvor och att de vanliga "SHM-CD" ska vara kvar som de är.

Jag gör här en "Google Translate" och hoppas att översättningen går att förstå:

SHM JVC KENWOOD Corporation and Universal Music Limited Liability Company co-development, it is the material which is superior in transparency / liquidity of employing the liquid crystal panel for polycarbonate resin: A. The reading accuracy of the signal, improving the liquidity will be effective exact pit formation is greater transparency.

Dedicated to audio enthusiasts, CD players for high-end disk Platinum [SHM]

A new high-end products was born also, from Universal Music has worked on high-quality sound disk toward the audiophile / music fan. To everyone, I want to hear you quickly such a platinum SHM, I present to listen sampler 1,000 people prior to the sale! Received your application Furutte, by all means, please feel the sound of "non-standard" that. Platinum SHM is the CD players for disks that have been developed for the audio enthusiast. You can play a CD player almost all, but there is a possibility that does not read the data of the older models of some.

Element makes us a high-quality sound SHM, the accuracy of the pit formation and the reading accuracy of the signal.

Victor Creative Media and Universal Music has continued to research in order to further pursue the concept. And have had arrived, and that you use the (Pt1000) net platinum reflective film. Famous material, but has been an important post in the world of industry mainly because it is very stable chemically as the noble metal of the finest. For example, the surface properties of fine-grained platinum particles thin film to be used to capture faithfully at electron microscope object micro level, It was found to be effective to distinguished be formed in the very smooth surface and, exactly the pit.
However platinum, material that does not conform to the standard compact disc digital audio (CD-DA) in reflectance.However, in order to give priority to sound quality, I chose that to the contrary dare.
In addition, in order to rock solid in its superiority,

Binding you both ease of use and treasure, "paper jacket and paper case" specification. 2012, Japan became the world's No. 1 in production value of the CD. It's supported by the shade it, "jacket paper" is crafted to leverage the technology of the manufacturing that Japan is proud of. By faithfully reproduces the original LP at the time of announcement, this place is a form of high treasure worth having many fans in and out. However, there is a voice that tired of take out the CD the fact.

The rock / soul / pop-based series of "Platinum SHM" Therefore, we have a paper case to pay a separate paper jacket and CD, I achieve both utility and collectable. Thoroughly, I stick to the master. Vessel even how well, the contents imbalance is mediocre. The basic flat transfer from the original analog tape, Since its launch in 2010, and DSD master for SA-CD ~ SHM specification to collect support from a lot of fans at home and abroad, Around the latest master for this series, there is no cutting corners on any of the material. It is to cut into direct high bit sampled at (176.4kHz/24bit), the master of the best, Victor Creative Media has developed " HR (High Resolution) cutting ". It provides us with the appropriate sound to fit in "Platinum SHM".

The image is a prototype. Please note that there is a point that is different from the actual product.

Platinum SHM is a product that was developed for the audio enthusiast. 
※ You can play a CD player almost all, but there is a possibility that does not read the data of the older models of some. 
※ By playing this product, do not have any can adversely affect the human body or equipment.