måndag 15 juli 2013

John Killigrew - Killigrew (Bra Folk/Folkrock UK 1971)

260:- (24-Bit Limited Remaster Edition. Utgången utgåva sedan länge, bra folk/folkrock 1971)

John Killigrew was born in birmingham in 1940, Lived in Cato Street then moved to shady Lane great barr the last i heard, John, auditioned for the Moody Blues in the 60’s but Mike Pinder eventually got the job, john a very talented singer, songwriter and performer, was disapointed, but kept plugging away, until he was playing regular saturday afternoon football in ” The Fortunes ” pop group football team, and it was during this time that he was dicovered as a singer/songwriter by them, and it was not long before he made the album.

“Killigrew” with the fortunes playing on some tracks, and it was released on the Penny Farthing Record label in October 1971, the album was reviewed on Radio One by Annie Nightingale, she played several tracks but particularly liked, ” You Don’t Know What You Got ” and thought that should of been the single, however the record company went for, “Just A Line ” with “Nothings Impossible” as the B side, did’nt show in the charts but i kinda think he might of, if they released Annies favorite track instead, These songs on this page are only listed in text form and it appears you can’t buy them anywhere in the world, however, you can hear basic versions of these songs recovered from cassette tape, on youtube, “catostreetnorth’s site “, however, if someone knows where you can buy this album, i would be very interested to know , with a view to purchase.

I was introduced to John Killigrew around 2am one morning a year or two ago.

Through the haze of several pints I was invited to his house, something to do with football I recalled with difficulty the following morning. It turned out to be an invitation which I am eternally glad I accepted, for I found a songwriter of talent and a friend into the bargain.

John and his family have lived hard for a long time after illness, financial disasters and one hundred different jobs. His writing has the unmistakable quality of a man who's been down and back again. He says the simple things well and in 1971 that is refreshing. I believe John Killigrew, Listen to him and I think you will as well. 

John Killigrew: 

I would like to sincerely thank everyone involved in the making of this album especially Pete Dello. 

Release date 1 Jan 1971. Produced by Pete Dello & Friends (Honeybus)

01. Just a Line 3:01

02. Brand New World 4:38
03. Nothing's Impossible 3:25
04. Hold on Baby 2:03
05. Yesterday and You 4:54
06. Roverman 2:25
07. John Dupree 2:29
08. Got Your Number 3:09
09. You Don't Know What You've Got 3:37
10. Hey Mocking Bird 3:35
11. Do I Love You 3:58
12. Just The Way You Are 3:58