måndag 10 september 2012

Lindisfarne - Fog on The Tyne (Folkrock UK 1971)

250:- (24-Bit Limited Remaster Edition. Utgången och är mycket svår att hitta.)

Fog On The Tyne is a 1971 album by English rock band Lindisfarne. Bob Johnston produced the album, which was recorded at Trident Studios in the summer of 1971. It was released on Charisma Records in Great Britain and Elektra Records in America. Rab Noakes was the band's Scottish member.

It gave the group their breakthrough in England, topping the album charts early in 1972. "Meet Me On The Corner", one of two songs written by bassist Rod Clements, reached No. 5 as a single. The title track became the band's signature tune, though it was not released as a single until 1974, by which time the group had disbanded and reformed with a new line-up. Simon Cowe made his debut as a writer, contributing the song "Uncle Sam".

Both tracks on the B-side of "Meet Me On The Corner", "Scotch Mist" (an instrumental), and "No Time To Lose", appeared as bonus tracks when the album was reissued on CD.

A heavily reworked version of the title track with vocals by footballer Paul Gascoigne was released in 1990 under the title Fog on the Tyne (Revisited), credited to Gazza and Lindisfarne. It reached number two in the UK singles chart.

01."Meet Me on the Corner" (Clements) – 2:38
02."Alright on the Night" (Hull) – 3:32
03."Uncle Sam" (Cowe) – 2:55
04."Together Forever" (Noakes) – 2:34
05."January Song" (Hull) – 4:13
06."Peter Brophy Don't Care" (Hull - Morgan) – 2:47
07."City Song" (Hull) – 3:06
08."Passing Ghosts" (Hull) – 2:28
09."Train in G Major" (Clements) – 3:08
10."Fog on the Tyne" (Hull) – 3:23