onsdag 14 mars 2012

Aphrodite's Child - End of The World (1:a Albumet Progressiv Rock UK 1968)

260:- (24-Bit Limited Remaster Edition. Utgången utgåva och mycket svår att hitta. Debutalbum.)

The first album from the Greek progressive band which, though short lived, brought two of the most important Greek musicians from the pop scene. the bassist and vocalist Demis Roussos and the composer and multi-instrumentist Vangelis. The album has strong psychedelic influences and some Greek folk bits.

This album, released in 1968, is very psychedelic oriented, with psychedelic pop songs and ballads mixed with experimental psychedelic rock songs. There is some great musical arrangements, mainly in the keyboards, which helps to distinguish the band from the plain psychedelic acts.

The most famous songs are the beautiful psychedelic ballads End of the World and Rain and Tears. The first has some great organ, being a bit experimental, while Rain and Tears is a ballad with great keyboards, orchestral arrangements and very special vocals by Demis Roussos, one of most distinctive and beautiful voices of the progressive rock. Valley of sadness is another one great ballad from the band, that has good arrangements preventing it of being cheesy and keeping a good musical level, with some good instrumental interludes, escaping from the context of a ballad.

Don't Try To Catch a River, Mr Thomas, The Shepherd and the moon (with some eastern influnces) account as nice psychedelic tunes, everyone in a different mood, different kind of arrangement and good quality.

Grass is not Green is very somber and a great experimental piece, with peculiar instrumental arrangements. You always stand my way is a great rocker, with Demis Roussos resembling Robert Plant and a good combination of a fast guitar and bass riff with mellotron in an unusual usage of the mellotron. Day of the fool is another somber song with great organ use, and a totally experimental instrumental part in the end of the song.

This album is many times overlooked, but it deserves the spot among the best psychedelic influenced works of 1968. A must have for all fans of early progressive rock.

01. End of the World (3:13)
02. Don't Try to Catch a River (3:38)
03. Mister Thomas (2:52)
04. Rain and Tears (3:10)
05. The Grass is No Green (6:05)
06. Valley of Sadness (3:13)
07. You always Stand in My Way (3:55)
08. The Shepherd and the Moon (3:04)
09. Day of the Fool (5:50)