torsdag 10 november 2011

Alexis Korner - A New Generation of Blues (Klassiker UK 1968)

250:- (24-Bit Limited Remaster Edition. Utgången utgåva.)

A basically competent, though hardly enthralling, effort from the British bluesman that alternates between minimal, acoustic-flavored production and fuller arrangements with jazzy touches of flute and upright bass. Korner wrote about half of the material, leaving the rest of the space open for R&B/blues covers and adaptations of traditional standards.

"The Same for You" has a strange, ever-so-slight psychedelic influence, with its swirling flute, fake fadeout, and odd antiestablishment lyrics. Korner's voice is (and always would be) a tuneless bark, but it sounds better here than it did on the first album to prominently feature his vocals (I Wonder Who, 1967). As such, this album is one of the best representations of Korner as a frontman.

01. Mary, Open The Door Listen
02. Little Bitty Gal Blues
03. Baby Dont You Love Me
04. Go Down Sunshine
05. The Same For You
06. Im Tore Down
07. In The Evening
08. Somethin You Got
09. New Worried Blues
10. Whats That Sound I Hear?
11. A Flower

12. Louisiana Blues (BBC session)
13. Corrina Corrina (BBC session)
14. The Love You Save (BBC session) Listen
15. Operator
16. Steal Away
17. Go Down Sunshine (BBC session - previously unreleased)
18. Stump Blues (BBC session)
19. Sweet Home Chicago (BBC session - previously unreleased)
20. Just The Blues (BBC session - previously unreleased)