torsdag 8 september 2011

Thin Lizzy - Bad Reputation (Klassiker UK 1977)

340:- (SHM-CD Limited Remaster Edition.)

Bad Reputation is the eighth studio album by the Irish band Thin Lizzy, released in 1977. As the front cover suggests, most of the tracks feature only three-quarters of the band, with guitarist Brian Robertson only playing on tracks 3 and 6 (despite a credit on track 8). He had missed most of their previous concert tour, following an injury sustained in a brawl, and this album turned out to be his last studio effort with Thin Lizzy.

Hailing Bad Reputation as an improvement on the previous album, Johnny the Fox, Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic described the album as "leaner and tougher" than its predecessor, partly due to the influence of producer Tony Visconti. He claimed that Robertson's absence was not noticeable due to Gorham's "double duty", and that this was "pure visceral rock & roll, the hardest and heaviest that Thin Lizzy ever made". He considered Bad Reputation as a rival to Jaibreak as the band's best studio album.

Although it wasn't released as a single, the title track "Bad Reputation" would prove to be one of the band's most popular songs, becoming a staple of classic rock and hard rock radio. A cover version of the song is a playable track in the 2006 music video game Guitar Hero II, and the Thin Lizzy version was featured in the soundtrack of the 2001 documentary movie Dogtown and Z-Boys.

The Foo Fighters covered "Bad Reputation" and released it on their covers album, Medium Rare.

01."Soldier of Fortune" – 5:18
02."Bad Reputation" (Brian Downey, Scott Gorham, Lynott) – 3:09
03."Opium Trail" (Downey, Gorham, Lynott) – 3:58
04."Southbound" – 4:27
05."Dancing in the Moonlight (It's Caught Me in Its Spotlight)" – 3:26
06."Killer Without a Cause" (Gorham, Lynott) – 3:33
07."Downtown Sundown" – 4:08
08."That Woman's Gonna Break Your Heart" – 3:25
09."Dear Lord" (Gorham, Lynott) – 4:2

10. “Killer Without A Cause” - BBC Session, 01/08/1977
11. “Bad Reputation” - BBC Session, 01/08/1977
12. “That Woman's Gonna Break Your Heart” - BBC Session, 01/08/1977
13. “Dancing In The Moonlight (It's Caught Me In A Spotlight)” - BBC Session, 01/08/1977
14. “Downtown Sundown” - BBC Session, 01/08/1977
15. “Me And The Boys” – Soundcheck