måndag 11 juli 2011

Various Artist - Attitude For Destruction (2CD, Guns 'N' Roses Material)

200:- (2CD, SHM-CD Limited Remaster Edition. Utgången utgåva sedan  2009.)

This is a great compilation of songs that includes the 5 tracks of Hollywood Rose that Cleopatra Records has on file with a lot of extra tracks that are for the most part descent. There is another version of Hollywood Rose material called the Roots of Guns and Roses put out by this company, but they are just re-packeges of the same 5 tracks, with changes in demo versions or tribute songs, or cover tunes ect... as filler.

The 5 Hollywood Rose tracks are Killing Time, Anything Goes, Rocker, Shadow of Your Love, and Reckless Life, all good quality here. This was the main reason for me to purcahse this, and for the going price, the extra tracks and variety made it a better value to me to get this version.
As for the material, like I mentioned mostly descent. Really notable bad tracks were Paradise City and Patience, painful vocals that are done better at most bars Karaokee on a Saturday Night. Oh well, what do you expect from a discount record company, they do what they can with what they have. Again, worth picking up this album.

Disc 1:
01. No More Mr. Nice Guy - Roger Daltrey/Slash
02. My Michelle - L.A. Guns
03. Shadow of Your Love - Hollywood Rose
04. Toys in the Attic - Stephen Pearcy/Tracii Guns
05. Used to Love Her - Gilby Clarke/John Corabi/Tracii Guns
06. Ballad of Jayne, The - L.A. Guns
07. Elected - Duff McKagan/Matt Sorum/Billy Duffy/Steve Jones
08. It's So Easy - Fred Coury/Gilby Clarke/Tracii Guns
09. Mr. Brownstone - Gilby Clarke/Tracii Guns/Bang Tango
10. Reckless Life - Hollywood Rose
11. Rip and Tear - L.A. Guns
12. Last Cigarette - Hollywood Roses/Teddy Zig Zag
13. Welcome to the Jungle - Gilby Clarke/Kevin DuBrow/Tracii Guns
14. Killing Time - Hollywood Rose

Disc 2:
01. Electric Gypsy - L.A. Guns
02. Anything Goes - Hollywood Rose
03. Paradise City - Gilby Clarke/Kory Clarke/Tracii Guns
04. Sex Action - L.A. Guns
05. Sweet Child O' Mine - Gilby Clarke/Love/Hate/Tracii Guns
06. Rocker - Hollywood Rose
07. Friends in Low Places - Teddy Zig Zag
08. Patience - Gilby Clarke/John Corabi/Tracii Guns
09. Slap in the Face - L.A. Guns
10. You're Crazy - Gilby Clarke/Stevie Rachelle/Tracii Guns
11. Don't Cry - Gilby Clarke/Spike/Tracii Guns/City Slickers (Spike Jones)
12. One More Reason - L.A. Guns
13. Lay It Down - Stephen Pearcy/Tracii Guns
14. Gypsy - Slash/Tommy Shaw/Slash