fredag 18 mars 2011

Wallenstein - Mother Universe (Progressiv Rock


350:- (SHM-CD Limited Remaster Edition. Liten upplaga från ett litet skivbolag.)

Second album of Wallenstein - Mother universe is an underrated album in my opinion, why is so bad treated here i don't get it, wich are the weak vocal parts, i don't find them. To me is a strong release of early krautrock or better said symphonic prog era, because they change thier style over the years from krautrok to symphonic prog to more pop in the late '70's early 80's. Thier music here are between Beggars Opera and Birth Control here and there, but not bad contrary quite well arrange and played. Sometime the music has a spacy atmosphere like on the title track Mother universe and sometimes is pure hevy prog like Braintrain. Anyway to me the best pieces are Dedicated to the mystery land - simply great piece with uptempo rythm, very hard rock not far from Aunt Mary or as i said Birh Control and very pleasent voice from the keyboard player Jürgen Dollase, who composed all the lyrics and music from this album an Golden antenna.The musicianship is of course brilliant - every musician deliver the best they've got so far. Better album to me than the first one in every way. A classic album in my opinion, well is not something groundbreaking here, but what you are listning on Mother universe is superb and well played and desearve without hesitation, at lest from my side 4 stars. Recommended if you like early symphonic - krautrok prog.

The debut album of this German was just excellent. An all instrumental great piece of music by all means. I was a bit afraid to listen to this follow-up since vocals were involved (and this hasn't been the strongest department of German bands). But my worries were quite erased while I discovered the superb opening song: "Mother Universe" displays some very melodic parts, great mellotron and some decent (even if not great, I admit) vocals in English. It is a sweet symphony of about nine minutes.
The next track is features a wild instrumental intro which could not the cup of tea of many progheads but it needs to be investigated. It is almost hard to heavy rock and to my standards, it could have been developed as such but we'll get some symphonic parts instead (of which a vocal part that could have been skipped). The wild section (almost punkish!) gets back at the end of this crazy song. Another good moment though.

The pastoral and folkish "Shakespearesque" is somewhat weaker but the inspiration gets back with "Dedicated To The Mystery Land": again the intro is gorgeous and highly hard/psyche oriented.

Like during "Brainstrain", the song evolves into a more symphonic approach for a short while. Some great and frenzy guitar are topping the second part of this excellent track. The third highlight.

The two remaining songs are quite average and are dragging down my rating to three stars. Still, this is a good album that would need some more exposure.

01. Mother Universe (8:30)
02. Braintrain (8:33)
03. Shakespearesque (4:20)
04. Dedicated to the mystery land (7:48)
05. Relics of the past (6:18)
06. Golden antenna (4:15)