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Various Artist - Christmas at The Patti (Klassiker UK 1972)


360:- (2CD, 24-Bit Limited Remaster Edition. Utgången utgåva.)

Christmas at the Patti is a live album, recorded at Man's Christmas party, held at the Patti Pavilion, Swansea, on 19 December 1972. 'The album features Man and Help Yourself with guests Deke Leonard, Dave Edmunds and B J Cole, together with appearances by Ducks Deluxe, The Jets, The Flying Aces and Plum Crazy.

The concert started at 6.00 PM and was closed by the police at midnight, so Man's set was truncated and, despite being the hosts, they have only 11'30" on the album, compared to Help Yourself's 24'. The six bands appearing on the album, were all linked in some way, and several performers appeared in more than one band, some of which were old bands, reformed just for the night. Those appearing on the album were all "conveniently" UA labelmates.

Originally released as a limited edition double 10" album, with a recommended retail price of £1.43, this topped the budget album chart. It was subsequently released on CD, and, unusually, re-released on 10" vinyl in Italy in 2001.

The Flying Aces
Martin and George Ace, a husband and wife duo, backed by members of Help Yourself. Martin Ace had previously played in Dream and Man with Deke Leonard, who had been playing with Help Yourself since he had been fired by Man earlier in the year. The song had been written earlier that day, and was only performed on this one night. Although opening the album, they were the penultimate act on the night.

Martin Ace – guitar and vocals
George Ace – bass and vocals
Dave Charles – drums
Deke Leonard – guitar
Malcolm Morley – guitar

Ducks Deluxe
The first recording of pub rock band Ducks Deluxe ever released. The band had been formed earlier in the year by former Help Yourself roadie Sean Tyla, and bassist Ken Whaley. Whaley had already left by the time of this recording but would rejoin Help Yourself about 6 weeks later.

Sean Tyla – guitar and vocals
Martin Belmont – guitar and vocals
Tim Roper – drums
Nick Garvey – bass

The Jets
There have been numerous bands called The Jets. This version had been a Swansea band 1964-65, and was later known as "The Smokeless Zone" who had played the Top Ten Club in Hamburg where Tony Sheridan played with them. Having had minimal rehearsal time, they chose two standards.

Tony "Plum" Hollis – vocals
Deke Leonard – guitar
Martin Ace – bass
Terry Williams – drums

Help Yourself with Deke Leonard and BJ Cole
Help Yourself had toured with Man on the Good Clean Fun tour. When Man fired Leonard, earlier in the year, he moved into Help Yourself's house, and they played on his first solo album Iceberg. Malcolm Morley then suffered depression, so Leonard temporarily joined, as a replacement, but stayed when Morley returned. On this evening, they were joined by legendary pedal steel guitar player B J Cole. The two tracks are "testament to the band's own magnificent powers of improvisation, too seldom heard on its regular albums".

Malcolm Morley – guitar and vocal
Richard Treece – guitar and vocal
Paul Burton – bass
Dave Charles – drums
Deke Leonard – guitar and vocal
B J Cole – pedal steel guitar

Man with Dave Edmunds and Stan Pfeiffer
Man's line up had recently undergone a major upheaval. After the successful Greasy Truckers Party (Recorded February 1972) and Live at the Padget Rooms, Penarth (Recorded April 1972) Martin Ace had left and Deke Leonard had been fired (although both were invited to this party). Clive John had rejoined, bringing with him Phil Ryan and Will Youatt, who had been playing together as Iorwerth Pritchard and the Neutrons. This new line up had just released Be Good to Yourself at Least Once a Day, and were joined by Dave Edmunds and Stan Pfeiffer – a local "character".

Micky Jones – guitar and vocal
Will Youatt – bass and vocal
Clint Space (Clive John) – guitar
Phil Ryan – organ
Terry Williams – drums
Dave Edmunds – guitar
Stan Pfeiffer – Spontaneous vocal (called Stan Phifer on the original LP)

01.The Flying Aces - "Welcome to the Party" (Martin Ace / George Ace) 2.20
02.Ducks Deluxe - "Boogaloo Babe" (Sean Tyla) 2.45
03.The Jets - "My Way" (Capehart/Cochran) – 4:05
04.The Jets - "Jambalaya" (Williams) – 4.31
05.Plum Crazy with Dave Edmunds - "Jingle Bells" (James Lord Pierpont) – 0:31
06.Plum Crazy with Dave Edmunds - "Run, Run, Rudolph" (Johnny Marks and Marvin Brodie) – 2:17
07.Help Yourself with Deke Leonard and BJ Cole - "Mona" (E McDaniel) – 11:40
08.Help Yourself with Deke Leonard and BJ Cole - "Eddie Waring" (Leonard) – 14:03
09.Man with Dave Edmunds and Stan Pfeiffer - "Life on the Road" (Jones/Williams/Youatt/Ryan/John) – 6.30
10.Man with Dave Edmunds and Stan Pfeiffer - "Shuffle (improvisation)" (Jones/Williams/Youatt/Ryan/John) – 5.00