tisdag 28 december 2010

The Seeds - Future (US 1967)


310:- (24-Bit Limited Remaster Edition.)

The Seeds were a rock band whose raw and abrasive energy and simple, repetitive lyrics came to exemplify the garage rock style of the 1960s. The Seeds were based in Los Angeles, California.

Blessed by their early success with 1966 super single “Pushing Too Hard”, Sky Saxon’s THE SEEDS did not struggle in creativity while trying to top their monstrous start. After their self titled debut album and A Web Of Sounds, with third album Future (1967), the Seeds shifted towards a more psychedelic and obscure vision that may have alienated them from their garage pop audience but that gave the band a chance to align themselves with a new sound though without abandoning their original inventive.

Strongly inspired by Sgt Pepper’s ambience, Future seems less pop oriented and less appealing to a mass audience. A pearl for insiders that still sounds fresh, honest and highly inspired. Probably too ahead of their times, the Seeds disbanded in 1970 after never releasing another top selling hit.

01. Introduction
02. March Of The Flower Children
03. Travel With Your Mind
04. Out Of The Question
05. Painted Doll
06. Flower Lady And Her Assistant
07. Now A Man
08. A Thousand Shadows
09. Two Fingers Pointing On You
10. Where Is The Entrance Way To Play
11. Six Dreams
12. Falling