söndag 1 mars 2009

The Art of Lovin' - Selftitled (Superb US West-Coast US 1968)

190:- (24-Bit Limited Remaster Edition, mycket bra album, rekommenderas varmt, limiterad utgåva om 1,000 exemplar.)

A Massachussefts outfit whose album is full of interesting and quite imaginative pop/folk-rock, obscure enough to have been reissued. Apart from a cover of Tim Hardin's Hang On To A Dream, all the songs were penned by Paul Applebaum. It's certainly worth hearing.

One of the best psyche treasures on late 60s Mainstream Records -- a sunny, fuzzy album that's beyond compare! The Art Of Loving have a mixed male/female vocal style at their head -- a sound that's somewhere in the Mamas & Papas mode, but a bit more stripped down -- and crafted here with leaner, darker sounds that are really great -- and almost a bit spooky at times! As with other Mainstream rock sessions, there's something magical about the way the bass is recorded -- a completely flat tone that pushes the music up from the bottom, and really makes a magical platform for rougher guitar, organ, and drums. Tracks are almost all originals by male singer Paul Applebaum -- and titles include "Paul's Circus", "Take A Ride", "Good Times", "Daily Prayer", "The First Time", "You'll Walk Away", "State Of Mind", and "And I Have Seen Them All".

01.Paul's Circus
02.What The Young Minds Say
03.You´ve Got The Power
04.Take A Ride
05.Good Times
06.Daily Prayer
07.The First Time
08.You'll Walk Away
09.(How Can we) Hang On To A Dream
10.State Of Mind