söndag 15 februari 2009

De Ernan Roch - La Onda Pesada (Psychedelic Fuzz från Mexico1971)

50:- REA (normalpris 260:-) (Suverän Fuzzed psykedelia med sång på engelska. Bör inte missas!. Du får lämna tillbaka albumet om du inte gillar det, fast jag är gaska säker på at du behåller det.)

'60s Mexican album with amazing psychedelic guitar playing (ripping wah wah fuzz). All songs are in English and have a West Coast feel but that guitar... it's amazing!.

First time on CD for this extremely rare Rex label psychedelic classic (1971) from Mexico; terrific West Coast style psych, with melodic vocals and blasts of incredible fuzz guitar that seem to come out of nowhere; excellent album, whose current price for an original copy is around $1,000, if you can find a copy. One of my favourite albums. If you like: "Darius" - Selftitled album on "Chartmaker", you will love this album.

01. The Train - 4.29

02. Sitting On The Side Of The Ocean - 4.20
03. I Found All - 2.38
04. I Can't - 4.09
05. Round Round - 3.06
06. Gonna Make It - 2.22
07. A Life Of Love - 2.47
08. Cause Of Love + All Right-It's Gonna Take Time + Give A Me Peace - 11.20 (3 Songs)